Safety and Support

WHIP LIVE, your safety in outdoor sports

WHIP LIVE is with you on all your excursions by motorcycle, bicycle or on foot, with innovative features designed for your safety.

Adventure is even better when you can live it without worries, that's why we created the Live Tracking and the Support and Safety feature, useful functions that will make your outdoor sports experiences even safer.
The risks of injuries, bike and motorcycle breakdowns or getting lost in isolated places are part of the journey, but thanks to the technology of WHIP LIVE you can count on a tool that offers valid solutions to these problems: your smartphone!

Using the simple security features built into the app, you can get help if you get lost, track down the nearest services such as pharmacies, hospitals, or repair shops, send a request for assistance to trusted contacts, and allow whoever you want to track you down instantly.

Here's a quick overview of how you can manage these outdoor sports safety features through your app.

Il tuo Live Tracking personale

Live Tracking è il modo migliore per essere certi di farsi trovare. Condividi con contatti di fiducia la tua posizione live, così seguono i tuoi spostamenti e le metriche in tempo reale, senza dover scaricare l'app.

Real-Time Tracking

Live Tracking is the best way to make sure you can be found. The same support system used by major sporting events is now in your hands: you can share your location along the way with trusted contacts and let the people you choose track your location in real time, with constant updates and accuracy to the meter, even monitoring any stops and their duration.

If you are in an area with low signal, WHIP LIVE also processes the route taken offline and shows it to those who are following you from home, finding your last known location.

Those following you from home can track you simply by pressing a button and without having to download the app, directly from their browser.

Chiedi aiuto in pochi istanti

Il pulsante Supporto e Sicurezza è la scorciatoia per rispondere subito alle tue esigenze quando ti trovi in difficoltà. Puoi inviare una richiesta di soccorso, trovare ospedali, farmacie ed officine nella zona.

Report an emergency and find help

For any need, with Support and Safety you also have your trusted contacts at your fingertips, maps to find your way back or start an alternative route, and the nearest mechanical assistance centers for bikes and motorcycles.

Security for events

WHIP LIVE guarantees security even for events with 50 or more participants, offering a monitoring service dedicated to those who organize and manage sporting events. Interested in learning more? Find out the details for bike events, motorcycle events or walking events.