We are WHIP, an Italian Sport Technology company founded in 2016 by Gioele Meoni, Alessandro Veracchi, Andrea Veracchi and Eros Verderio. We started up by capitalising on our knowledge and passion for the world of technology and outdoor sports, to be translated in a common effort to create user-centred products and services. Us, as WHIP, aim at filling the gaps present within the outdoor sports market, with the intention of delivering effective and all-rounded services enabling athletes to be supported during their daily outdoor quests. How are we able to do so? We are experienced outdoor athletes who know the needs of the community and strive towards improving your, and consequently our, outdoor sports experience; It’s as simple as this!

Mission —

“We exist to provide a technological support for athletes of any level, aiming at maximising the potential of users to explore new routes, improve their performance and compare it with the ones of other users”

Vision —

“To become the global point of reference for outdoor athletes of all levels who want to measure their performance”

WHIP LIVE — The Journey: The Evolution of the Product

The first product we came up with as WHIP, was an on-board computer device attached to one’s bicycle or motorcycle handlebar. The device would track, from scratch, telemetric data on-the-go. However, we wanted to offer more than just a traditional sport performance tracking device. In the first place, we wanted more accurate and complete telemetric data to be available to our users, for a more precise report of their performance. In the second place, we wanted to create a deeply embedded community in which users could communicate with each other and compare their performances, independently from the type of device being used. Lastly, we wanted to keep the usability of the product as simple as possible, in order to cater to all kinds of athletes, from beginners to professionals. All these aspects could not be offered by a physical product, so that we shifted towards the development of a digital mobile app: WHIP LIVE.

What are the perks of WHIP LIVE?

1- The app collects data from multiple devices such as smartphones, action cameras and on-board computers.

2- The app enables communities to get together and compete in an easy, broad and more social way.

3- The app is uncomplicated and intuitive, simplifying the user’s experience.


WHIP LIVE — The Product

Combining outdoor sports and technology together, WHIP is about to launch the final version of its flagship product WHIP LIVE, a mobile application for iOS and Android. As for all innovative products, WHIP LIVE is designed with the intention of solving the needs of a particular community. In our case, we noticed how in the outdoor sports world, the digital applications that track performance do not offer good metrics, hindering users from receiving an accurate report of their performance. On the other hand, traditional performance-tracking hardware devices are often judged as expensive by outdoor passionates, combined with the fact that the data collected is not comparable to the ones of other devices.

With this in mind, WHIP LIVE is the ultimate performance tracking system for outdoor passionates, fusing raw data from different sensors to create advanced metrics, new routes, outdoor navigation, and guaranteeing 24/7 outdoor safety. WHIP LIVE analyzes from 4 to 20 times more data points than a common tracking app. We created and patented a data fusion algorithm that can gather high level metrics for action sports, using the data points retrieved from consumers’ device sensors. WHIP LIVE does not only excel from the technical point of view, but has also a top-notch social platform system allowing users to share and compare their performances with the ones of other users. This, can be done by comparing performances on a whole route, or on a segment of it, enabling the user to see the big picture as well as focus on small details for improvement. It does not mean that WHIP LIVE is meant exclusively for professionals. In fact, WHIP’s inclusive approach to the world of outdoor sports allows athletes of every level to make use of the app to improve themselves. As we value co-creation, the “Explore” feature of WHIP LIVE enables every user to add new trails, tracks and routes, to be visible to other users as new paths are tread.


High-resolution telemetric tracking

Track in real-time your performance and see your off-road activity be resumed with high accuracy, ready to be shared on social media and with other WHIP users. The live tracking of WHIP LIVE combines precision with ease of use, enabling you to see at first-glance the most important data gathered from your performance. In addition, with the ‘Auto Pause’ function you will no longer have to pause manually the live tracking of your performance every time you are taking a break, since the tracking will automatically pause as soon as it detects you have stopped and consequently activating again as soon as you set yourself in motion. Let WHIP LIVE do the grunt work, just enjoy your performance without bindings and in total safety!


A graphically pleasing and intuitive timeline of your activity

As soon as your activity is registered, WHIP LIVE instantly creates a timeline where you can see the stats of your performance in a simple and highly intuitive way. You can see the route travelled on a high-definition GPS map which allows you to run through it again thanks to an indicator that slides along the route. In addition, a graph shows in a visual way the various differences in altitude you encountered along the way. Your activity is divided into sections, in which stats such as travel time, average speed, maximum speed, altitude gained, altitude lost and average altitude gain and loss are shown for each of these sections. It is also possible to see these stats for the totality of your performance. WHIP LIVE gathers and resumes data of your performance in a user-friendly way, so that you can easily spot your strengths and weaknesses for improving in a quick and quantifiable way!


Run against other users and friends by entering into WHIP LIVE’s leaderboards

Your travel time for each performance registered by WHIP LIVE gets added to the leaderboard of that specific route you tread, so that you will see how you placed yourself compared to your friends and other riders. The leaderboard is filtered for each type of bicycle or motorbike. Moreover, you can focus on a single section of the route tread, since WHIP LIVE shows also the leaderboards for each section. In this way you can understand on which section you need to improve your time on in order to overtake other users on the leaderboard. By performing again on the same route, you will also be able to see your improvement on the leaderboard, compared to the ones of other friends or riders. Challenge your friends and become a legend by climbing up WHIP LIVE’s leaderboards!


MTB, MX e DH routes mapping

WHIP LIVE’s ‘explore’ function enables you to see the off-road routes, tracks and trails present in your area. The highly social and user-based approach with which WHIP LIVE was developed, allows you to also add yourself new routes, tracks and trails. These, will be then visible to the WHIP LIVE community to enable other users to challenge you on that same route. The ‘explore’ function not only makes you discover new areas, but also shows other riders and their performances around you. Explore the off-road world by discovering off-road areas and riders from all over the world!


Safety is not an option, our safety tracking is - and always will be - free for everyone

Many consider outdoor sports as being dangerous, especially the ones involving steep and rocky surfaces. Us, as WHIP, know that this aspect can’t curb our passion for off-road sports, despite knowing from experience that our loved ones might be worried every time we go out seeking for two-wheeled adventures. For this reason we included the ‘safety tracking’ function for free, which can share with who you want a link containing an accurate geolocalized GPS tracking of your position. Share your real time position with your loved ones every time you go out performing!







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