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WHIP is the ultimate outdoor sports app that allows you to track your performance, discover and plan routes, and explore safely on the street and off-road. Our mission is to provide riders and trekkers with the best technology, accessible and customizable for every kind of outdoor activity.

The Ultimate Outdoor Sports App for Tracking Routes and Ensuring Safety

Founded in 2016, WHIP developed high-precision tracking software for outdoor sports. In 2017, WHIP was supported by the start-up hub Nana Bianca in Florence, and we began offering our services to improve safety for cycling and motorcycling events.

Since its release on the App Store and Play Store in October 2018, WHIP has become the top choice for outdoor athletes looking to plan routes and track their activities, both on the street and off-road. With advanced features like turn-by-turn navigation and offline routes, we have improved the safety of the app for our Plus members.

Today, WHIP LIVE is the ultimate community for safety and outdoor sports, providing free tracking services and vertical features for every discipline, whether you're on foot, bike, or motorbike. Our app boasts impressive numbers, including 150K total subscribers, 9K active daily users, 500K tracked routes, 3.9M tracked km, and 50K routes created. Our average rating on the App Store and Play Store is an impressive 4.7/5.

This are some of our numbers

  • Total subscribers count: 150K
  • Active daily: 9K
  • Tracked routes: 500K
  • Tracked Km: 3.9M
  • Routes created: 50K
  • Average rating on App Store and Play Store: 4,7/5


WHIP LIVE features a range of exciting features, such as turn-by-turn navigation, route planner, and an explore section with over 200k crowd-sourced routes. Our safety features include Live Tracking, emergency contacts, and an emergency button. WHIP LIVE also provides safety features for events, granting safety for up to 5000 attendees.

In addition, we have a thriving community of athletes who love to challenge each other and compare their performances on selected route portions. We offer segment leaderboards with tenth of a second accuracy, organized by category or discipline. You can also share your activities and routes on social media and find friends to follow.

WHIP LIVE also offers HD tracking, eight vertical map styles, import and export routes, synchronization with Strava and Garmin, and weather tracing with wind and rain. Download the media kit today and join the ultimate outdoor sports community where your next adventure begins!

WHIP LIVE features


  • TURN-BY-TURN NAVIGATION. Voice directions at every turn to discover new routes, on street and offroad
  • ROUTE PLANNER. Over 60k landmarks to create new routes, discover places and plan the journey
  • EXPLORE SECTION. Custom search between over 200k crowd-sourced routes, to share and save as GPX or KML
  • OFFLINE MAPS. Selection of routes discovered and tested by the crew of WHIP LIVE


  • LIVE TRACKING. Real-time tracking of every activity, to provide saftety for events or single trips
  • EMERGENCY CONTACTS. Share your position with trusted contatcs, who can be allowed to track you everywhere you go along the way
  • SUPPORT AND EMERGENCY BUTTON. Easy tool to send an alert to your trusted contacts or find your way if you get lost
  • EVENTS. Safety features used at cycling, motorcycling and trekking events, granting safety for up to 5000 attendants.


  • SEGMENTS. Challenge other athletes and compare your performances on selected route portions
  • LEADERBOARDS. Segment leaderboards with tenth of a second accuracy, organized by category or discipline
  • SHARING. Connected to all social networks to share your activities and routes or to find friends to follow

Other Features

  • 8 MAP STYLE for cycling, motorcycling and trekking to help you find trail roads suited for your sport.
  • IMPORT/EXPORT ROUTES Export you routes and navigate them on your favorite device
  • STRAVA & GARMIN SYNC to connect all your activities
  • REAL TIME WEATHER with wind and rain indications

WHIP for events

Since 2018, we have proudly offered our Live Tracking service for a wide range of sports events. With our latest technology, event organizers can now effortlessly track participants using just their smartphones, providing a wealth of useful information and significantly enhancing safety measures. By utilizing our innovative Live Tracking service, organizers can gain valuable insights into participants' progress, location, and potential hazards, allowing for quick and effective responses to any situation that may arise.
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