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WHIP LIVE offers an innovative, high-reliability tracking system for Sport Outdoor events to ensure the security of participants with ease.

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Low battery consumption

For events, WHIP uses a passive tracking system to minimise battery consumption


Easy to use, just download the app and register for the event


No external hardware required, WHIP simply works via smartphone

Monitor participants

The public will be able to follow the event live, search for an individual participant and easily share the event with anyone.

Releasing tracks

By making the tracks of the event available via the app, participants will be able to better consult the route and navigate it directly on their phones.

Navigating the route

Through the app, participants will also be able to navigate the tracks of the event. WHIP's navigation allows for voice and text-based directions everywhere, even on single tracks and remote routes

Live Tracking for events

The Live Tracking for events is based on the innovative tracking function of WHIP LIVE, which allows participants to track directly through smartphones, without the need to hire external devices

When organizing your event, you can count on WHIP LIVE to monitor the location of participants along the route in real time, track them wherever they are or contact them if needed. Not only that, we also provide in the service track release, turn-by-turn navigation for participants, and live public webcast of the event.

How does it work?

  • To use Live Tracking, it is sufficient for each event participant to have downloaded the WHIP LIVE app on their mobile device. No other hardware needs to be purchased.

  • Each participant with a smartphone will be able to register for the event inside the app and will be tracked in real time throughout the event.

  • The app runs in the background: once the event is accessed inside the app, the participant will be tracked even if the app remains closed

  • Organizers have access to a virtual dashboard, which can be viewed on PCs, smartphones and tablets. The dashboard shows the map of the route with the location of all participants where one can easily find who is off-track or who needs to be reached for assistance. You can also see and export the routes of each individual user, in case you need proof of the route taken. dashboard ronda esempio

  • For those following the event from home, there is a dedicated live tracking web page with 3D maps where you can search for each individual participant.

Easy and cheap

Live tracking for events has been developed and field tested by various sportsmen. The real innovation lies in the reduced battery consumption , the ease of use for participants . With the app active in the background, the average impact on battery consumption is from 5% to 10%. The location of participants updates at intervals ranging from 2 to 15 minutes.

Dedicated dashboard for organizers

Screenshot 2023-01-30 at 17.48.34

With the dedicated dashboard, organizers will be able to see the route taken by individuals by individual participants, contact them directly if needed, and export gpx tracks.

Alert system

Through our Live Tracking, customized automatic alerts can be set up in case participants leave the course or stay stopped for too long, so organizers can take timely action if needed.

What kind of events does WHIP provide Live Tracking to?

WHIP LIVE is suitable for events of all sizes, anywhere in the world, and for any type of moving discipline. Events that require long distances and need a system to keep track of participants can benefit from using WHIP LIVE with ease.

Since we launched the first version of Live Tracking for events in 2018, we have served more than 50 events each year, from small races with less than 150 participants to events of international scope such as the Dolomiti Extreme Trail for trail running, the Transitalia Marathon for bike touring, and the Tracks 6000 for mountain biking.

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