with Garmin

WHIP partners with GARMIN to boost the experience of GARMIN bikers

WHIP is proud to announce a new partnership with sport devices manufacturer GARMIN®. WHIP and GARMIN® teamed up with the goal of adding value to the experience of road cyclists, mountain bikers and off-road bikers that use GARMIN® devices and want to review their performance in the most accurate and professional way.

The latest update release of WHIP LIVE includes a synchronisation function with all GARMIN® tracking devices. Through bluetooth, the GARMIN device and the users’ phone connect so that data can be transferred from the GARMIN® device to the app WHIP LIVE in real time.

Riders that track their performance with GARMIN®, will be able to review their performance on WHIP LIVE at any time. This means being able to save each ride on WHIP LIVE for a professional review of the performance. In fact, GARMIN® riders will be able from now on to use WHIP LIVE’s performance analysis graph, altimetry graph and its complete statistical analysis for every ride recorded with a GARMIN® tracker.