Activity Tracking

Activity tracking with telemetric accuracy. WHIP LIVE tracks with a sophisticated patented technology, with a low battery consumption.

Segment Leaderboards

Challenge other users on each segment, you'll find rankings measured to the tenth divided by discipline. And yes, it's free!

Turn by turn Navigation

Let us guide you through any trail or paved road with WHIP LIVE's prorietary turn-by-turn voice navigation.

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Experience Mountain Biking to the fullest

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Experience Motorbiking to the fullest

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Experience Road Biking to the fullest

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Experience Trekking & Running to the fullest

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Social network for riders

Follow your friends' activities and connect with other users. Join a growing sports community today.

Get real value for free

Most WHIP LIVE features are free to use. No jokes! When with other apps you have to pay, with us the fun goes on.
Want Navigation and even more?

We adapt to your style

Specific to more than 20 running, cycling and motorbiking disciplines. We find the most suitable routes, leaderboards and riding companions for you.

Safety first

Stay safe. Share your live location with family and friends every time you start tracking. Let them see your real-time location and ride updates.

Track every meter

Track using our high-frequency technology and relive your performance on HD maps and with statistics that are specific to your sport activity.

Advanced analysis

Analyze your performance like you've never seen before. WHIP LIVE analyzes from 4 to 20 more metrics compared to other apps, so to provide you the most accurate stats.

Push your boundaries

Discover our crowd-sourced database of routes. Find over 150,000 routes divided by typology and create routes yourself with the best route planner you can get.

Connect with other riders

Follow the most interesting activities uploaded by users and challenge your friends on a segment. Segment leaderboards are divided by tyopology and have rankings measured to the tenth of a second.

Explore to the fullest

Subscribe to Plus to get the most powerful functions of WHIP LIVE. Turn-by-turn navigation, Offline Maps, unlocked Route Configurator and much more.

Crafted for bikers and runners

Have your performances, leaderboards and routes based on your bike typology...

What riders say about us

stars rating

4.8 out of 5

  • I’m very happy at how well this app works. Especially considering it’s free. I highly recommend it. Simple to set up and easy to use. I’ll be using this a lot in the future.

    Mountain Biker
  • Finally an app that tracks at the highest quality using the phone! I like it shows new routes around me and I connected to riders in my town that I tour with sometimes.

    Moto Enduro
  • Been using this app for a few months now and haven't had any problem with it. It tracks your ride very well, ive tried many different tracking apps and this is the best one I found.

    Brent Beamoun
    Road Biker


Synchronize WHIP LIVE with major apps and tracking devices such as STRAVA and Garmin.

Live Tracking

Keep family and friends updated on your performance by sharing your real-time location.

Route Planner

Enjoy total freedom in planning your route using our waypoints and points of interest.

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