Live tracking
safety and support

We are your safety in outdoor sports. WHIP LIVE accompanies you on your motorcycle, bicycle or hiking outings with innovative features designed for your safety.

WHIP LIVE was born with a promise, that of making safety features in outdoor sports available to everyone, Free of charge.

Adventure is better without worries, which is why we have created Live Tracking for both solo and group outings,Safety Contacts and the Support and Safety section, useful features that will make your outdoor sports experiences even safer.

Learn about safety features

Safety contacts

Automatically send location every time you leave to people who care about you

Multi-Live Tracking

Share Live Tracking to your exit group to see you on the map in real time.

Safety button

Communicate your GPS coordinates in case of emergency and find mechanical or medical assistance near you

Your Personal Live Tracking

Live tracking is the best way to make sure you are found. Share your live location with your contacts, they can track your movements and metrics in real time, without having to download the app.

Monitor your group

Share your Live Tracking with the group, with Group Multi-Live Tracking you can see the location of each of your companions in real time on the map. If necessary, you can also navigate to their location.

Get help in a few moments

The Support and Safety button is the shortcut to respond immediately to your needs when you are in distress. You can send a distress call, find hospitals, pharmacies and workshops in the area.

Watch the WHIP safety tutorial

The risks of injury, vehicle failure in the case of bikes and motorcycles, or getting lost in isolated places are part of the adventure, but thanks to the technology of WHIP LIVE you can count on a tool that offers a solution to these problems.

App Usage

We are the app for outdoor sports enthusiasts, who explore on trails and paved roads- The app is specific for running, mtb, gravel, road bike, enduro, maxi enduro and road bike.

Here you can find the best routes in your area, plan your own route on a 3D map, and navigate safely. Of course you can also track your activity and analyse it with statistics and altimetry graphs. If you wish to improve your safety on all your rides, activate the Live Tracking feature, which can be activated while tracking or navigating.

Register and set your default activity typology, then add other users. Now you are ready to track your first activity. If you're comfortable instead, you can easily plan your first route. Then you can synchronise your devices and apps for future outings.

If you want to see all routes on the app right away, open the Explore section and find a route around you, you can save it to your routes. In the Routes section you access the Route Planner. You can see all your activities in the Home section and in the Profile section you will find the activities you have tracked, with the general settings at the top right.

Yes, you can download WHIP LIVE for free and use all the main functions. 70% of our functions are free, the remaining 30% are part of the paid Plus subscription. The tracking, outdoor basic maps, segment leaderboards, live safety tracking and route planner are free.


Open the Route Planner from Home or from the Routes section. Remember that if you change the type after you have already added waypoints, the previous route will not be adapted. Select your starting point from your current location, either by pressing and holding for more than 3 seconds on the map or by using the indicator.

Add a point of interest, activity or segment to your route. Points of Interest are valuable places, utilities and services that you add to your route as a waypoint. The gear icon next to each waypoint allows you to edit or delete it. The three horizontal lines on the left are used to shift the individual waypoint upwards or downwards, before or after on the route. When you have finished the route press 'Save' or navigate directly to the route.


Navigating a route is super easy, choose the route you are interested in navigating from the explore section or from among your routes and click Navigate. You can choose to navigate the route from the point closest to you or from the starting point. DONE


You have both voice and text commands available, through the settings you can change how the route is recalculated to suit your needs. By clicking the elendo in the upper right corner you can view all the textual information in roadbook style.

By clicking on "CLOSE MAP" we have access to other display modes that allow us to see data such as speed, elevation, slope, or a hybrid view between data and map for navigation.


Go to the explore section and open the map, all the best routes for you will appear. To find the perfect route, use the filters next to the search bar to change activity type, length, elevation gain, pendence and more. Don't forget to reload your search results and speed up your search by searching through a passing area or starting area.


You can download all the routes on WHIP LIVE in GPX format. On the page of the route you can see the button to download the GPX file clearly visible at the bottom, while there is also an entry under the title 'Export to GPS device' you can use. In this way you can put the file on your navigation device.


In the app we make a big distinction between a tracked performance and a planned route. The first is an activity, which is the report with statistics and travelled path that is generated once the tracked activity is saved.

A Route on the other hand is only created on the route planner function and is shown in the routes section. All routes can be navigated.


You can share your recorded activities with WHIP LIVE's unique social sharing, as astory or a post, to show your route and statistics to all your friends. Social sharing is also possible on all public routes. No worries, you can also share through all other messaging channels.


For an activity, from the activity page, above the button with the 'Highlighted areas' icon, you will find 'Download activity file', to download the activity as a GPX file.


Once in a blue moon, some problems occur with the GPS, causing errors when tracking an activity that cause to lose data and/or parts of the route. The quality of the data depends on the strength of the device's GPS signal. Before tracking, we recommend waiting a few seconds for the signal to acquire correctly.

If you are on an Android, it is likely that you have some default settings that prevent your phone's GPS from tracking the activity correctly. So you need to change these settings manually. To fix this, make sure that:

  1. Power saving mode is Disabled 2. Battery settings: change from Optimised to Performance/High performance 3. App permissions set to Always rather than While using the app.

With our maps, you can find your way based on your type of outdoor sport activity, on foot or on two wheels. Starting from the base map or satellite map, the map styles of WHIP LIVE are specific for trekking, mountain biking, gravel, enduro and maxi enduro. We use the OpenStreetMap database to provide you with the best data, updated in real time.


As for many other sports apps, we require some permissions to provide the best user experience. In our case, we ask you to consent to localisation in order to navigate, track and plan your route. For uploading photos on an activity or route, we ask you to allow access to the gallery.


You start on the app choosing a preferred sport activity, we call it typology. This is your default typology, and you don't need to change it every time. When you save an activity or plan a route you can always select a different typology (i.e. trail running, mtb, maxi enduro).


Go to the profile section, then in the top right-hand corner press Settings. You will find the option 'Unit of measurement' to be able to change from kilometres to miles, or vice versa.

Don't hesitate to contact us via the support chat you can open from the profile settings of the app. Otherwise, send us an email to or visit our support page HERE.