Turn by turn Navigation

Let us guide you through any trail or paved road with WHIP LIVE's prorietary turn-by-turn voice navigation.

Route Planner

Enjoy total freedom in planning your route using our waypoints and points of interest.

Live Tracking

Keep family and friends updated on your performance by sharing your real-time location.

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Experience Mountain Biking to the fullest

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Experience Motorbiking to the fullest

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Experience Road Biking to the fullest

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Experience Trekking & Running to the fullest

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Social network for riders

Follow your friends' activities and connect with other users. Join a growing sports community today.

Get real value for free

Most WHIP LIVE features are free to use. No jokes! When with other apps you have to pay, with us the fun goes on.
Want Navigation and even more?

We adapt to your style

Specific to more than 20 running, cycling and motorbiking disciplines. We find the most suitable routes, leaderboards and riding companions for you.

Navigate on all-terrain

Let WHIP LIVE Plus guide you on your next adventure. Our navigation recognises any type of road,from paved roads to isolated off-road trails. Always get turn-by-turn directions; text, voice or both.

Create the perfect route

You can create a route based on the type of sport you play by choosing the corresponding icon so you can be sure you are only riding on roads or trails that are suitable for you.

Safety first

Stay safe. Share your live location with family and friends every time you start tracking. Let them see your real-time location and ride updates.

Offline Maps

By downloading maps for offline use, you can plot and navigate freely without a data connection. Choose the portion of the map you intend to download and start exploring. Your province is free!

Advanced analysis

Analyze your performance like you've never seen before. WHIP LIVE analyzes from 4 to 20 more metrics compared to other apps, so to provide you the most accurate stats.

Connect with other riders

Follow the most interesting activities uploaded by users and challenge your friends on a segment. Segment leaderboards are divided by tyopology and have rankings measured to the tenth of a second.

Explore to the fullest

Subscribe to Plus to get the most powerful functions of WHIP LIVE. Turn-by-turn navigation, Offline Maps, unlocked Route Configurator and much more.

Crafted for bikers and runners

Have your performances, leaderboards and routes based on your bike typology...

What riders say about us

stars rating

4.8 out of 5

  • I started using WHIP LIVE for the classifcation on segments, but then i found out there was so much more. The route planner is amazing, and the offline maps have been very useful when i was without signal.

    Mountain Biker
  • Actually the only app that properly serves off-road motorcyclist community with specific features of planning and navigation. Since i started using WHIP LIVE, i have no other device on my bike.

    Maxi Enduro
  • Been using this app for a few months now and haven't had any problem with it. I've found a lot of routes for gravel bikes as well

    Brent Beamoun
    Gravel Biker


Synchronize WHIP LIVE with major apps and tracking devices such as STRAVA and Garmin.

Riders & Runners

Connect with over 50,000 outdoor sports enthusiasts in your area.

Safety Alert

Send an automatic message to selected contacts if you are stuck in one point for more than a set amount of time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Register and set your default activity typology, then add other users. Now you are ready to track your first activity. If you're comfortable instead, you can easily plan your first route. Then you can synchronise your devices and apps for future outings.

If you want to see all routes on the app right away, open the Explore section and find a route around you, you can save it to your routes. In the Routes section you access the Route Planner. You can see all your activities in the Home section and in the Profile section you will find the activities you have tracked, with the general settings at the top right.

Open the Route Planner from Home or from the Routes section. Remember that if you change the type after you have already added waypoints, the previous route will not be adapted. Select your starting point from your current location, either by pressing and holding for more than 3 seconds on the map or by using the indicator.

Add a point of interest, activity or segment to your route. Points of Interest are valuable places, utilities and services that you add to your route as a waypoint. The gear icon next to each waypoint allows you to edit or delete it. The three horizontal lines on the left are used to shift the individual waypoint upwards or downwards, before or after on the route. When you have finished the route press 'Save' or navigate directly to the route.

Yes, you can download WHIP LIVE for free and use all the main functions. 70% of our functions are free, the remaining 30% are part of the paid Plus subscription. The tracking, outdoor basic maps, segment leaderboards, live safety tracking and route planner are free.

With WHIP LIVE you have a tool for safety to rely on to prevent danger or solve an emergency. Before tracking, you can enable LIVE TRACKING to be monitored during your activity by one or more contacts you have selected.

While tracking you can use the Support and Safety button, the shortcut to respond immediately to your needs when you are in trouble. You can send an emergency call, find hospitals, pharmacies and repair stores in the area.