Discover the maps

Explore and customize the style of your maps

The maps in WHIP LIVE are constantly updated thanks to the Open Street Maps database. In addition to details on millions of trails, including footpaths and dirt roads, WHIP LIVE provides real-time information essential for outdoor activities, such as precipitation levels, wind strength and directions on your route.

Would you enjoy to customize the look of maps as you explore new routes? With WHIP LIVE you can, thanks to a feature that lets you change the style of the map at any time.

You can choose between different types of maps, to have the route and terrain view you prefer by varying colors and zoom levels. Changing the map style is possible either while you are tracking or navigating, or after you have saved an activity and want to review it or show it to friends.

OpenStreetMap Database

More than 700 million routes selected by the OSM community, with automatic, reliable and free updates

All the trails you want

We have integrated all paths from OpenStreetMap and OpenCycleMap

Weather layer

use the real-time wind and precipitation views on each map to check weather conditions

All the trails wherever you are

Take your adventure beyond the road and have fun exploring the trails with this configuration that highlights them all, even the ones you don't expect.

For all occasions

All trails in evidence, perfect for highlighting off-road trails. The two styles, Outdoor and Outdoor Dark, adapt to different light conditions.

Perfect for motorbikes

Designed for motorbike use, the high-visibility map is suitable for orientation and highlighting details of roads and trails in all light conditions while you are moving

All the details

The satellite view allows you to distinguish details of the landscape while planning a route by navigating roads and paths.

The perfect view

Each map can be viewed in 3D to give you the most accurate view of the routes you want to take


The maps of WHIP LIVE are designed to adapt to different types of outdoor activities, on foot or on two wheels. You can also select the map based on the vehicle you use for your excursions, finding the mode that best suits your riding or running style. Most popular among our hikers and riders are the MTB, All Trails and CyclOSM maps.