Detailed outdoor
turn-by-turn navigation

With WHIP LIVE you can go anywhere around the world and always find turn-by-turn directions to your route, whether you are on the road or off-road. Let yourself be guided everywhere in total safety.

In 2020, WHIP introduced its unique navigation system that allows you to navigate any road or trail. Many Moto Adventouring events and Endurance competitions use WHIP to navigate and plot routes otherwise not visible on standard maps, such as Google Maps.

Discover turn-by-turn navigation

WHIP LIVE overcomes the limitations of traditional navigation apps that only allow you to navigate on roads traced by normal maps.

Let yourself be guided with voice and text directions everywhere, all over the world, on all paths. Choose whether to reach the route from your nearest point or from your starting point, the navigation will guide you along the best route for you based on your vehicle and the recalculation option selected.

Let yourself be guided on each path

WHIP's navigation is designed to guide you on every road and trail accurately and reliably, allowing you to receive voice and text directions even where classic navigation devices do not reach

Import an external route and navigate it

Import a route in GPX or KML format into the app. You can navigate it directly or you can edit it with the route planner.

Choose the recalculation you prefer

When you end up off course, the automatic recalculation finds the quickest way to re-enter the route, you can decide whether to recalculate in an optimised way to reduce the distance to be travelled

Watch the navigation tutorial

Frequently Asked Questions

70% of WHIP LIVE's functions are free, the remaining 30% is unlocked by subscribing to Plus functions, designed to bring the best of technology within reach of those who want the most out of their sporting adventure.

These are the Plus functions included in the subscription:

  • Turn-by-turn navigation
  • Unlimited Points of Interest, Activities, Segments and Waypoints on the route planner
  • Extra maps, available offline, in 3D and with wind and rain layers
  • GPX export of all routes and activities
  • Security Contacts Plus
  • Direct support

The trial gives free access to all Plus functions for a limited period. All 3 subscriptions have a trial period at the beginning. The first 14 days of the annual subscription are free. On the 6 months and monthly subscriptions, the free trial period is 7 days.

No charge is made at the start of the trial period. On expiry, the selected subscription is renewed and the amount is charged through the payment method connected to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

There is no difference in functions, the only difference is the length of the subscription and the trial period. 14 days on the annual subscription and 7 days on the Monthly and 6-Months subscription.

In short, all of these three, the annual, six-month and monthly subscriptions give access to all Plus functions.