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Navigation, Offline Maps, Full Planner, Maps Plus, 3D view and Weather Layer. WHIP Plus has everything you need for your adventures.

Navigate on all-terrain

Let WHIP LIVE Plus guide you on your next adventure. Our navigation recognises any type of road,from paved roads to isolated off-road trails. Always get turn-by-turn directions; text, voice or both.

Unlock the route planner

Create your route easily. You have no limit of waypoints and can use Plus points of interest such as viewpoints, restaurants, fountains and petrol stations to plan your track

9 HD maps for every sport and condition

The Plus map styles are specific to motorbikes, bicycles and trekking and help you find the right routes for your sport, even in 3D!

All your maps available offline

Download the areas you want to keep using when tracking without data connection. Offline maps are always there when you explore the unknown.

Wind & rain indicators

Always see the live wind and precipitations indicators on the map, when you are tracking or when you are searching for routes to go riding.

Track and Explore

without limits

Activity Recording
Segments & Leaderboards
Social Network
Route Configurator
Search Engine for Routes
Import GPX
Export Activity GPX
Export Public Routes GPX
Synchronize with Strava
Synchronize with Garmin
Join Events
Turn-by-turn Navigation
Offline Maps
On-map Wind & Precipitations
3D Maps
Unlimited Waypoints
More Map Styles
Export any Route GPX
Safety contacts
Direct Support

Frequently Asked Questions

70% of WHIP LIVE's functions are free, the remaining 30% is unlocked by subscribing to Plus functions, designed to bring the best of technology within reach of those who want the most out of their sporting adventure.

These are the Plus functions included in the subscription:

  • Turn-by-turn navigation
  • Unlimited Points of Interest, Activities, Segments and Waypoints on the route planner
  • Extra maps, available offline, in 3D and with wind and rain layers
  • GPX export of all routes and activities
  • Security Contacts Plus
  • Direct support

The trial gives free access to all Plus functions for a limited period. All 3 subscriptions have a trial period at the beginning. The first 14 days of the annual subscription are free. On the 6 months and monthly subscriptions, the free trial period is 7 days.

No charge is made at the start of the trial period. On expiry, the selected subscription is renewed and the amount is charged through the payment method connected to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

There is no difference in functions, the only difference is the length of the subscription and the trial period. 14 days on the annual subscription and 7 days on the Monthly and 6-Months subscription.

In short, all of these three, the annual, six-month and monthly subscriptions give access to all Plus functions.