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Today our Live Tracking system for events becomes one year old, during which we faced some challenges that led to improving our technology until now. Our safety system now represents a real innovation in the field of safety for outdoor events on two wheels. So far, WHIP has helped improve safety at over 25 events in Italy and Europe, both for bike and motorbike.

Which events can use WHIP’s Safety Tracking system?

WHIP’s Safety Tracking System for road and off-road events is a real-time tracking technology for each participant, made possible through the app WHIP LIVE. Each event participant just needs to make sure to have downloaded WHIP LIVE on his phone and register on the app through an event code provided during registration. From that moment on, between the starting and ending time of the event, each registered participant is visible and can be localized by the organizers.

WHIP provides the organizers with a dashboard that can be accessed via PC, tablet or mobile phone. On the dashboard there’s a map showing the location of each participant updated every 30 seconds. You can search for a participant by name or starting number, or by selecting them on the map. This makes it easy to identify participants that went off track or are stationary at a specific point on the route.

In this way it is possible to contact or reach a participant if needed, since each participant’s emergency number and identification number is visibile on the dashboard.

safety tracking dashboard

For what kind of events is WHIP’s Safety Tracking for?

WHIP has provided its technology to all types of moto and bicycle events. Regarding motorcycling events, our Safety Tracking is used at International adventouring events such as the Transitalia Marathon. Regarding bike events, during 2019 WHIP was mainly the technological partner of cycling and mountain bike events, such as the Bike Beach to Beach.

If you think the event you organize is too small, don’t worry. WHIP provides its Safety Tracking for events also at bike and motorcycle events counting less than 150 participants. On the other hand, WHIP’s technology is reliable enough to monitor up to 2000 participants.

In short, our service is suitable for events of any size and type. We offer our technology for both amateur and professional events. WHIP provides our service at events for racing bikes, gravel, e-bikes, mountain bikes, enduro bikes, maxi-enduro bikes and road bikes.

How to get WHIP’s Safety Tracking at your Event

If you are interested in using our service to increase safety at your event, please contact us at and we will be happy to help you out. It doesn’t matter where in the world you host your event, WHIP’s Safety Tracking service can be used remotely also without our team’s direct support at the event