WHIP LIVE integrates with ENDU

From September 24, the partnership between ENDU, the reference platform for endurance sports, and WHIP LIVE, the app dedicated to safety during sports activities, will begin.

endu chooses whip

ENDU will rely on the WHIP LIVE app to monitor participants during its events through the innovative Live Tracking service developed by WHIP, but not only that. In fact, thanks to this partnership, the same technology that ensures greater safety during endurance races will also be brought to the world of non-competitive events and in everyday training.

What are the benefits?

Thanks to the partnership ENDU and WHIP will be able to accompany the sportsman from competitions to training, leaning on a rapidly growing community, which has more and more users every month. In addition, WHIP is an all-Italian team that adopts innovative solutions for safety during sporting events.

ENDU together with WHIP will give its members the opportunity to experience their favorite sport in 360 degrees, advantageously offering them Live Tracking, bike and running route planning, offline maps and outdoor navigation functions.

During events in partnership with ENDU, organizers will have the ability to manage the logistics and safety of the race, following each participant and staff/rescue member, with real-time positions; Participants will be able to monitor their progress both during and after the race; Supporters will be able to follow the progress live on the ENDU LIVE portal, via website and social media.

What changes for participants?

Participants will be tracked directly via their smartphones by simply configuring the WHIP LIVE app before the start of each event (via qr code and post registration access link). This new system will avoid the annoying mechanisms of deposits, queues, and extra costs for external equipment, and most importantly, it will be reliable: WHIP uses a tracking system in the background, which allows it to consume negligible amounts of battery power and does not require the user to manually start it

Participants can use free this service by downloading the app and using their ENDU credentials to log in. The event they participate in will have a dedicated page inside the app through which the athlete can:

1. Join Live Tracking
2. Consult the rankings
3. Visualize routes