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WHIP LIVE offers an innovative, high-reliability tracking system for biking or mountain biking events to ensure the safety of participants with ease.

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Improving the safety of your event is easy with Live Tracking for events from WHIP LIVE, developed to work exclusively via phone, with advanced features specifically for the needs of those organizing events with long motorcycle travel, both on and off-road.

Event organizers can use Saftety Tracking without the need to install expensive hardware: participants only need to be equipped with smartphones and have downloaded the WHIP LIVE app.

How it works

  • To use Live Tracking, it is sufficient for each event participant to have downloaded the WHIP LIVE app on their mobile device. No other hardware needs to be purchased.

  • Each participant with a smartphone can register for the event within the app and will be tracked in real time throughout the event. The app works in the background: once logged into the event inside the app, the participant will be tracked even if the app remains closed.

  • Organizers have access to a virtual dashboard, visible on PCs, smartphones and tablets. The dashboard shows the route map with the location of all participants where it is easy to find who is off-track or who needs to be reached for assistance.

  • For those following the event from home, there is a dedicated live tracking web page with 3D maps where you can search for each individual participant.

Public Live Tracking

The public will be able to follow the event live, search for an individual participant, and easily share the event with anyone.

Maximize the visibility of your event.

With the Live Tracking service, a public dashboard is also released from which viewers can follow the event in real time, directly via smartphone_ without the need to install the app

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