Istraland 2022:
a journey through the beauty of Istria

The first edition of Istraland, the almost entirely offroad bikepacking adventure, is upon us. Discover the journey that will take the more than 270 participants through the lands of Istria.

The first edition of Istraland is already a success: more than 270 starters await September 30 to begin their bikepacking adventure in the lands of Istria-a rich and varied landscape, a bike adventure that will reveal the secrets of the three colors of the County of Istria: White Istria, like the limestones around the mountain peaks that create a landscape dualism between the sea and mountain ranges that is nothing short of breathtaking; Gray (or Yellow) Istria, like the fertile inland lands; and Red Istria, characterized by the clay lands near the coast.

The incredible 450Km route will take you to some of the most distinctive places, such as the Učka Nature Park, which will leave you speechless with its views of the islands of the Dalmatian archipelago. You will ride the technical singletrack that descends from the summit of Vojak. The steep Raša River valley will offer a refreshing break before entering the draining hills of central Istria. You will skirt the coast, between sandy beaches and rocky trails, to Cape Kamenjak, the border of Istria.

The event will start on September 30, 2022, at 8 a.m. from Sežana, Slovenia. Racers will have to complete the 400 km route with 5500 m of elevation gain within 4 days (Oct. 3, 2022, 6 p.m.). The route development is 80 percent off-road and includes some single tracks that will test the participants' riding skills.

WHIP's Live Tracking

Istraland organizers relied on WHIP tracking to monitor participants and ensure a higher level of safety.

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