WHIP's Live Tracking
at the Enduro Regions Trophy with an exclusive novelty

On the occasion of the 2022 Enduro Regions Trophy, the Italian Motorcycle Federation decided to test the introduction of Live Tracking technology offered by WHIP LIVE with the introduction of a novelty never before seen in the world of off-road competition.

Live Tracking at the Service of IMF Enduro Events.

On 23 October, at the Trofeo delle Regioni Enduro 2022 to be held in Umbertide (PG), the testing of WHIP LIVE technologies at the service of Enduro events under FMI jurisdiction will officially begin with on-site support from the Ficr

In particular, the services offered by WHIP will focus on Live Tracking, which will allow organizers to monitor pilots and staff in real time throughout the race simply through their smartphones. This innovation will greatly elevate the safety level of events and improve the quality of organization, providing extra security for riders in the race.

Fall detection

The real experimentation will mainly concern the technology of detection of falls during transfers or special stages, thanks to which it will be possible to provide timely rescue in case of emergency and alert the route staff. The absolute novelty is that all this will be possible simply via smartphone. Drivers, in fact, will only have to register for the event inside the WHIP LIVE app before starting. The background tracking, in addition to impacting very little on the participants' phone battery, will use the sensors in the smartphone both to track the position in real time with all the updated metrics and to monitor any falls or accidents.


WHIP LIVE is the referenced app for off-road riders and beyond that has more than 150,000 subscribers and is praised for its safety, navigation and route exploration features. In fact, its Live Tracking technology can also be used during private rides and allows real-time location sending to your contacts. In addition to providing your real-time data such as distance, tracked route, remaining battery, speed, and more, WHIP uses an OSM map system that also allows you to view all offroad routes such as trails, mule tracks, and all those roads not found in traditional maps.

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