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WHIP LIVE offers an innovative, high-reliability tracking system for events in Trekking, Running and hiking, to ensure the safety of participants with the utmost ease.

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WHIP LIVE offers an innovative, high-reliability tracking system for events in Trekking, Running and hiking, to ensure the safety of participants with the utmost ease.

Improving the safety of your event is easy with WHIP LIVE's Live Tracking for Events. The app was developed for individual use with smartphones, tablets and action cameras, and it features advanced tools specific to the needs of event organizers, especially for long walking distances events, even on isolated, hard-to-reach trails.

Event organizers can use Live Tracking without the need to install expensive hardware: it is sufficient that participants are equipped with smartphones and have downloaded the WHIP LIVE app.

How it works

  • To use Live Tracking, all that is needed is for each event attendee to have downloaded the WHIP LIVE app on their mobile device. No other hardware needs to be purchased.
  • Each participant with a smartphone is trackable in real time throughout the event, can provide an emergency contact and is provided with an ID code.
  • Organizers have access to a virtual dashboard visible on PCs, smartphones and tablets. The dashboard shows a map of the route with the location of all participants, updated every 30 seconds.
  • The dashboard allows organizers to identify individual participants by entering their name or start number, or by selecting them directly on the map. With Live Tracking you can easily identify those who are off-track or making unscheduled stops, so you can provide the necessary assistance right away.

Accessible Safety

WHIP LIVE was developed and tested in the field by real sportsmen. The real innovation lies in the reduced battery consumption and ease of use. With tracking active in the background, the average impact on battery consumption ranges from 5% to 10%. The position of the participants updates at intervals ranging from 2 to 15 minutes.


The Ronda Ghibellina event in Castiglion Fiorentino is the start-of-the-year race for many trail runners. In January 2021, the event selected WHIP as its safety partner to monitor the location of participants along race routes.

What kind of Events

Since 2019, we have ensured safety at more than 25 events with our Live Tracking service, including major trail running events like the Ronda Ghibellina.

There is no event too small or too large to monitor security with WHIP LIVE. The remote service can be used no matter where in the world the event is taking place.

Unsupported Events

Use the social features of WHIP LIVE to promote your event: participants can share news about the completion of the route and compare their performance even after some time.

If you prefer, you can set the GPS track of your route in private mode, visible only to participants, excluding the possibility of sharing.


Our technology uses participants' smartphones, so it drastically reduces the cost of security at events: only €2/day per attendee for events with 50 or more registrations. For events with more than 200 participants we can provide additional custom services and an adjusted cost.

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