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WHIP LIVEX will revolutionize the way you race off-road. It is an innovative device that you can hook onto the handlebar of your bike.
It provides statistics on the screen about your times and performances, in real time. With our Riders Network you can compare your runs with other riders and share tracks and trails.
LIVEX was created exclusively for motocross, downhill, freeride, superenduro.
LIVEX is much more than that:
For the first time, while you ride, a smart device shows your performance and compares it with past runs or with those of other riders on the track or path you’re riding.
LIVEX was made to be extreme and withstand all conditions.
Hook it onto the handlebar of your vehicle and you’re ready for action.
LIVEX has a high-contrast display that is visible in any condition, with notification lights to give you important information at a glance while you drive
The device synchronizes every time you’re close to your smartphone with our dedicated WHIP app, where you can save, configure, and analyze your training and races, follow friends or samples and challenge them to epic contests.
Absolutely not.
We know how frustrating it can be to use your smartphone with gloves on before getting on your bike. For this reason, we made LIVEX completely autonomous. Thanks to its integrated technology, you can configure it once and save all your races and favorite tracks directly to the device.
Obviously, the more you keep it within bluetooth reach, the more your records will be updated and your tracks, races and trainings will be shared with your followers.
Depending on which sport you are practicing, you can use different tracking methods and LIVEX will show you different statistics.
While you’re riding a known course, which we call a WHIP segment, the device will show you differences between current times and previous runs, along with your personal records and all-time records registered by other users for that course.
Remember: LIVEX can help you beat out all-time records by notifying how many seconds ahead you are after each lap.
WHIP segments can be motocross tracks, downhill descents, forest trails, roads.. They are everywhere you can go with your bike!
You are in control of creating a WHIP segment for the first time: after you’ve run a course, you can create a segment in the dedicated web area by simply selecting part of your course (or the entire course).
From that moment on, the segment will be shared with everyone and relative rankings will be created.
If you want to become part of the community and compete in WHIP segments, you can also use our app. We consider it a lite version.
You can take advantage of partial statistics by attaching your smartphone directly to your handlebars and you will appear in the temporary standing of each segment. But be sure not to bite it, your smartphone won’t hold up to the hit!