The best road bike tracking tools, a journey through apps

Explore the territory, track activities and workouts, move safely: there are many features that can be useful to those who travel by bike, let's discover together the best app

Do you love to ride and the road bike is your most faithful companion? You'll certainly appreciate the possibility to plan, record and make safer your bike rides with the most advanced tracking tools you can equip your smartphone with! Among the countless apps dedicated to racing bikes, road bikes and gravel bikes, we have selected the best ones updated to 2021, with a quick overview of the features most appreciated by cyclists. Here you'll find a short guide to help you decide which apps to try on your next ride. Happy riding!


App that is intended as a bicycle computer, exclusively dedicated to cycling for tracking performance on the road. Completely free, it has advanced safety, planning and route-finding features.

An app exclusively dedicated to cycling, Cyclemeter looks like a real fitness computer with all the useful features to keep track of your sporting activity. In particular, the performance statistics you track are very detailed and can be saved in private mode or made visible to the public, for sharing on social networks or with your trusted contacts. Cyclemeter supports Siri which makes it available for hands-free use, definitely a useful advantage for cyclists. The app lacks advanced route planning and navigation features, while it excels in tools to monitor your athletic progress and performance on the road.

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Free app dedicated to athletes that includes cycling and running, not very popular in Italy. Worldwide community for sharing activities and discovering routes, excellent integration with wearable devices for monitoring athletic performance.

The use of SportsTracker is less widespread in Italy, but this app definitely deserves a mention for the functionality it offers cyclists and sportsmen in general. As in other similar apps, the exploration section where you can find a variety of route suggestions is generated by users, a worldwide community of runners and cyclists. Those who habitually use smartwatches and tracking belts will find the possibility to integrate SportsTracker and record their own statistics, as the app is a partner of some brand manufacturers of sportswear and wearable devices. Useful for tracking, but also for organizing workouts and training plans, completely free of charge.

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For moving sports like running and cycling, Under Armour's app offers the ability to create a personal activity diary, as well as search and create routes to train. Real-time tracking with additional performance details available as a pro version for €29.99/year.

MapMyRide is the Under Armour app dedicated to athletes, specifically for running and cycling. This app offers the best for those who want to monitor their workouts, so it combines the search and creation of routes with a personal diary of activities, which can also be managed from the desktop if you are registered. Since it's a very fitness-focused app, it therefore underperforms on the side of features that cater to travelers. The paid MVP version includes additional services for real-time physical activity monitoring and expands the choices inherent in maps and workout plans, as well as providing live tracking for safety.

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Running and cycling app with a large community, offering activity tracking, recording and sharing services. The €60 annual subscription unlocks additional features to plan activities, track progress and compare performance.

One of the most popular tracking apps, dedicated to both the world of cycling and running, equipped with functional and always up-to-date technology. Strava is very appreciated for its community, in fact it offers the possibility to manage a real diary of your activities to share with friends and followers. Unfortunately, the other features that are most useful to cyclists and runners are paid for, such as creating routes, competing on segments, detailed route statistics, or even the Beacon to be tracked by trusted contacts. Strava offers several integration options with popular tracking devices, which are necessary since the app does not have a navigator, but requires an annual subscription for everything else.

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App dedicated to outdoor activities, with features dedicated to road and gravel bikes. You will be able to plan, navigate and find new routes and always stay safe with Live Tracking. Free tracking, Live Tracking and segments. 53.99 euros/year for offline navigation and maps.


With WHIP LIVE you can plan routes and navigate them , tracking your activity to share with friends and followers. WHIP LIVE's Live Tracking is also complemented by advanced safety features, such as a convenient orientation function, the activation of emergency contacts and the SOS button .

The app stands out for its ease of use that masks technical performance, comparable to that of the most sophisticated professional GPS devices, as well as for the wide variety of user-generated routes including segments, dirt roads and points of interest.

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