Plan your road and maxi enduro motorcycle trips with the best apps of 2021

Is hitting the gas and heading off on new adventures your passion? Check out the best apps for traveling by road bike or maxienduro with a selection updated to 2021.

Dirt or concrete? Whatever your preference, you can make your motorcycle journey safer and more engaging thanks to your smartphone. Today, even the world of motorcycling can benefit from a wide selection of dedicated apps to discover new roads, navigate, track your rides and share them with an increasingly active community. Among the many services available to riders, we have selected the best apps of 2021 for those who travel by road and maxi enduro motorcycles, highlighting the most important features that will surely help in the choice of which app to download and in the evaluation of the quality/price ratio.

Eat, Sleep, Ride

App designed specifically for motorcycling, particularly suitable for those who love to move in the company and need useful tools to manage group outings. The tracking service in real time allows you to be tracked by your trusted contacts. Free download with the possibility of in-app purchases.

Eat Sleep Ride is an app specifically designed for motorcycling, especially for those who like to move in company and need useful tools to manage group rides. All features are free, including planning and navigation of routes, tracking and sharing. The tracking and saving of activities presents very detailed statistics about the riding performance. With Eat Sleep Ride you can choose to activate your location on the map to be reachable by other riders and with the same technology you can activate the Crashlight safety service, which informs trusted contacts in case of accidents. The app is available for free on the App Store and Google Play and has its own store for selling official merchandise.

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Motorcycle-specific app, especially recommended for those who hike and travel frequently thanks to its advanced route planner. Weekly or annual subscription from €99.99/year to unlock offline navigation and maps.

Specific app for motorcycles, particularly suitable for those who practice hiking and travel frequently, Calimoto is among the best known and most appreciated by fans of motorcycling and off-road adventures. The route planner is at its best in the desktop version and makes available the routes created by the community. In the app you can use them in the same way, with navigation, tracking and sharing. The paid version comes with different subscription plans that include a wide range of additional features, not available in the free version but quite modular according to your preferences, if you prefer to have access only to a wider selection of maps there is a special package, while for other features you can choose between weekly or annual subscription.

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For those who travel by road and need timely traffic information. Waze was born as an app for motorists, but it also offers interesting features to the world of motorcycling. Free to download and use, with a few limitations on services.

Born as an app for motorists, Waze is also useful for those who travel by motorcycle and are looking for a navigation tool enriched with traffic information and planning tools. It is not recommended for off-road trips and excursions on roads with little traffic, while it is better suited for long trips, as it is populated by a mixed community of motorists and riders who share real-time information on the state of the roads. City bikers are bound to appreciate the free service offered by this app.

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App designed specifically for motorcycle travel, with the ability to discover off-road roads and trails and record activities anywhere in the world. 3D maps, navigation, routes and other advanced features are offered as a subscription starting at €39.99/year.

Rever is the motorcycle-specific tracking app with the largest following in the United States, born out of a collaboration with Butler Maps to create motorcycle-specific maps. The route search engine offers the ability to find the best roads to explore on two wheels. With the free version of Rever you can plan and share routes, the community also makes available the location of your friends on the map. To use Rever Pro there are two subscription plans available, one that unlocks advanced features including offline maps, 3D maps, community creation and ad blocking, the other to access additional services outside the app dedicated to members.

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For road and maxi enduro bikes

App dedicated to outdoor activities, with features dedicated to road, enduro and maxi enduro bikes. You will be able to plan, navigate and find new routes and always stay safe thanks to Live Tracking. Free tracking, Live Tracking and segments. 53.99 euro/year for offline navigation and maps.

With WHIP LIVE you can plan routes and navigate them , tracking your activity to share with friends and followers. WHIP LIVE's Live Tracking is also complemented by advanced safety features, such as a convenient orientation function, the activation of emergency contacts and the SOS button .

The app is distinguished by its ease of use that masks technical performance, comparable to that of the most sophisticated professional GPS devices, as well as a wide variety of user-generated routes including segments, dirt roads and points of interest.

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