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7 awesome Routes of 2021

Here's the 7 most popular routes on WHIP in 2021. Discover all the details and information, then navigate the route directly or download the GPX for later, it's really worth it!

At the end of the year it is customary to sum up the best moments spent riding our enduro bikes. Thinking back to the many good moments and the various trails discovered by us on the WHIP team, but also by our users in 2021, we decided to propose our top 7. Here are the 7 most popular enduro bike trails of the year on WHIP LIVE.

#7 Siena, is not the Eroica!

➡️83,4km ⬆️ 1738m 🟢 Easy

It starts from Siena and then crosses Montemaggio and Sovicille among mule tracks, spectacular sectors and breathtaking fords, especially recommended in summer. The terrain is composed of beaten earth, the route is sometimes fast with some passages in particular that are quite difficult, but nothing impossible!

#6 From Berg to Solberg, in the fjords of Sweden

➡️ 106,1km ⬆️ 1353m 🔴 Challenging

Three hours north of Stockholm by motorcycle is this little known but no less spectacular route through the fjords of Scandinavia. This route starts in Berg and arrives via unbeaten roads in remote Solberg, in the region of Västernorrland. Although possible, we do not recommend the route in winter, given the constant presence of ice and heavy fog.

#5 Alpitour of Bardonecchia

➡️ 55,7km ⬆️ 1851m 🔴 Challenging

We are in the Alps, in the upper Val di Susa and precisely in Bardonecchia. This is the starting point for the tour, which is of medium difficulty in the first part, where you have to face the climb towards the fort. A particularly challenging stretch is the one that leads to the ski lifts and ski slopes. To be done in Enduro between June and September.

#4 Portman mines

➡️ 30,7km ⬆️ 773m 🔴 Challenging

Feasible route in both directions, surrounded by a beautiful landscape with views of the mines and the famous red lake, so called because of the iron dissolved in the water. Perfect for those who like to put themselves to the test because it is a continuum of difficult climbs, passages near precipices and some muddy roads because of the water.

#3 Alta via del Sale

➡️ 104,6km ⬆️ 2576m 🔴 Challenging

Spectacular white ex-military road that connects the Piedmontese and French Alps to the Ligurian Sea, takes its name from the precious mineral transported for centuries on the back of a mule. All on dirt road, through alpine passes, hairpin bends and daring passages, all between 1800 and 2100 meters of altitude. The passage is open in the summer months, after the melting of the snow, feasible even with maxi enduro.

#2 Enduro at the gates of Etna

➡️ 100,2km ⬆️ 2592m 🔵 Medium

North of the Etna Park near Francavilla, there are the Gurne dell'Alcantara, the highlight of this route that offers very special scenarios, immersed in the beauty of the Sicilian mountains. Starting from the sea level and going up towards the park of Alcantara, passing through an area characterized by streams, small waterfalls and lakes. The arrival is at the beautiful Alcantara Gorges.

#1 Along the coast between Alghero and Portu Maga

➡️ 224km ⬆️ 3049m 🟢 Easy

Beautiful route in Sardinia, particularly challenging because of the sand, which puts to the test even the most trained. This varied route crosses fords, archaeological areas and some jewels of the Costa Verde as the beach of Piscinas, in an alternation of hard and sandy grounds.