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7 awesome Routes of 2021

Here's the 7 most popular routes on WHIP in 2021. Discover all the details and information, then navigate the route directly or download the GPX for later, it's really worth it!

At the end of the year it is customary to sum up the best moments spent riding our road bikes. Thinking back to the many good moments and the various trails discovered by us on the WHIP team, but also by our users in 2021, we decided to propose our top 7. Here are the 7 most popular road bike trails of the year on WHIP LIVE.

#7 Infinite road, loop route from Lagos

📍83,6km ⬆️ 880m 🔵 Intermediate

Starting from the beautiful coasts in the south of Portugal, precisely in Lagos, in the famous Algarve region. This loop route requires a good workout and is more affordable with a gravel bike, as some parts are not paved and have a fairly disused surface. The scenery is spectacular in every section and you ride along the coast beside the sea for the entire distance.

#6 From Erba to the hardest bike path in the world

📍42,2km ⬆️ 985m 🔴 Challenging

We move to the lake starting from Como to get to the Colma di Sormano at 1,107m, along what is called the hardest bike path in the world. The first few kilometers are of intense ups and downs, but this is just a 'warm-up' in view of the relentless climb of Sormano, known by fans as 'the beastly climb' given its slopes.

#5 In Brittany from Saint-Malo to Arzal

📍 194,2km ⬆️ 416m 🔵 Intermediate

Starting from the corsair city of Saint-Malo and arriving at the port of Arzal, you will cross the characteristic canals of central Brittany. Along the way you will come across three emblematic artistic and historical Breton cities: Saint-Malo, Dinan and Rennes. All in all flowing, the route is ideal to travel in 3 stages.

#4 From the Eternal City to the Roman Castles

📍90,9km ⬆️ 972m 🟢 Easy

Once out of Rome and past the busy Via Appia, this tour reaches the towns of the Colli Albani which, located a short distance from Rome, are called Castelli Romani. For a more serene journey, given the traffic on the Via Appia, we suggest this route on holidays or off-peak hours.

#3 On the footsteps of the Eroica

📍109,7km ⬆️ 1288m 🟢Easy

Route that follows the tracks of the Eroica, with landscapes and "picture" views. The route is mostly on dirt roads well maintained and marked, but be careful, along the way water is scarce so travel stocked up. You will go through a series of ups and downs that are not too difficult, through a landscape that is not very contaminated and characterized by a very special silence.

#2 Eurovelo 9 from the border to Vienna

📍99,4km ⬆️ 388m 🔵 Intermediate

The European long-distance cycle route EuroVelo 9 connects the Baltic Sea with the Adriatic Sea over a total distance of 1,930 kilometers. This stage starts at the Slovenian border and goes all the way to Vienna. From the small town of Blansko you travel along romantic vineyards and wine cellars, historic towns and numerous thermal baths that invite you to a relaxing cycling tour.

#1 The Stelvio tour

📍62,4km ⬆️ 1860m 🔴Challenging

The most challenging and difficult mountain pass for any cyclist. The 25 km paved road climbs to the top of the Stelvio at 2,757 meters above sea level after 48 hairpin bends and slopes that reach a drastic 15%. Definitely one of the most famous climbs in Europe, open from May to October, is to be done at least once in a lifetime.