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7 awesome Routes of 2021

Here's the 7 most popular routes on WHIP in 2021. Discover all the details and information, then navigate the route directly or download the GPX for later, it's really worth it!

At the end of the year it is customary to sum up the best moments spent riding our mountain bikes. Thinking back to the many good moments and the various trails discovered by us on the WHIP team, but also by our users in 2021, we decided to propose our top 7. Here we go with the 7 most appreciated trails of the year on WHIP LIVE.

#7 The 'Rocca del Drago e Caldaie del Latte'

➡️ 85,2km ⬆️ 1837m 🟢 Easy

In the last place, a trail recommended for the lovers of historical and cultural trails. In Calabria, starting from Campi di Bova, there is this bizarre itinerary. The highlights are two, a rock from prehistoric times and another set of boulders with a spherical shape, which resemble those pots in which milk was boiled "a cardara".

#6 Nan Bield Loop

➡️ 16.3km ⬆️ 830m 🔴 Challenging

Here we find ourselves in Cumbria, the English region where this beautiful mountain pass with lake views is located. Ideal for those who love the twisty enduro, steep climbs and zigzag sectors alternate with easier hairpin bends and descents not too extreme. The only problem is in the ascent, where you find yourself with the bike on your shoulder for a good part, being this route designed primarily to be climbed on foot.

#5 Ledro via the Ponale Road

➡️ 31,5km ⬆️ 762m 🟢Easy

Re-opened this year, the famous path along Lake Garda is among the most recommended routes in Europe and it is certainly not a surprise. The route introduces an interesting variant, that of the Rocchetta pass. After the fatigue of the ascent, the sloping descent to Leano is just the right amount of adrenaline for those who love speed. In this variant that continues to Lake Ledro, then proceeds without other major difficulties.

#4 The Ermita de las Nieves

➡️ 48,8km ⬆️ 750m 🔵Intermediate

In the north of the Lanzarote's island there's the small pilgrimage chapel Ermita de las Nieves. We recommend a visit to the chapel, which is located high on the Risco de Famara and offers fantastic views of both the mountains and the sea.

#3 Real Enduro in Vilmar, Folia e Mao Crest

➡️ 29,2km ⬆️ 917m 🔴 Challenging

Finale Ligure is one of the most iconic Italian locations for mountain biking. It's hard not to find panoramic descents with sea views, but it's just as easy to come across really challenging trails, often included in the Enduro World Series. This route is a real ride on the ridge overlooking the sea to the top of Mount Mao. It climbs from the north side to descend from the west, along a descent 'in the blue' with a fairly bumpy ground, recommended for experts.

#2 Laugavegur Route

➡️ 81,1km ⬆️ 1837m 🔴 Challenging

The Laugavegur is a long-distance trail in South Iceland, which runs through the typical landscape: Geysers, volcanoes, gorges, glaciers and multicolored rhyolite mountains. As if that wasn't enough, the end point of this route is the famous and impressive Skógafoss waterfall. If you've ever thought about an adventure in Iceland, maybe this route will inspire you.

#1 Calamita Mine

➡️ 16,6km ⬆️ 480m 🔵 Intermediate

The Monte Calamita's tour can take on purely scenic viewpoints (even the most gravity biker will be delighted) thanks to the high ring of Monte Calamita that takes us into the middle of nature with a full sea view for the entire tour! This tour is perfect for beginners and also for the less trained, where the assisted pedaling comes to help.