Moto Touring & Adventouring
7 awesome Routes of 2021

Here's the 7 most popular adventouring and moto touring routes on WHIP in 2021. Discover all the details and information, then navigate the route directly or download the GPX for later, it's really worth it!

At the end of the year it is customary to sum up the best moments spent going Moto Touring or Adventouring. Thinking back to the many good moments and the various trails discovered by us on the WHIP team, but also by our users in 2021, we decided to propose our top 7. Here are the 7 most popular Moto Touring ed Adventouring routes of the year on WHIP LIVE.

#7 The Region of the 'KΓ€rnten' in Austria

πŸ“312,2km ⬆️ 6474m πŸ”΅ Intermediate

This route takes us to discover Carinthia, in the southern state of Austria. Since Austrian motorways require a toll to be paid, we rely on "minor" roads that allow us to pass through small municipalities. This route takes you through scenery dotted with Alpine peaks, large lakes and unspoilt forests, passing through ancient villages rich in history and monuments.

#6 From the Venetian lagoon to the bell tower rising from the Resia pass lake

πŸ“390,4km ⬆️ 3626m πŸ”΄ Challenging

This route ideally unites the two Atlantids: Venice and Curon. This is a motorbike tour that passes through roads and towns that have a soul and are worth a trip on two wheels. The direction of travel is unrestricted, but the south-north direction ensures a "wow" effect thanks to the view of the Curon bell tower.

#5 Towards the most extreme north, North Cape

πŸ“739,6km ⬆️ 7077m πŸ”΄ Challenging

The North Cape awaits you with a great adventure. This route in Norway takes you through natural landscapes that you never imagined would be so pure, riding along roads that climb the slopes of high fjords, skimming over glaciers to reach the mythical cliff of Nordkapp, the northernmost point in Europe on your bike.

#4 On the breathtaking views of the Amalfi cliffs

πŸ“148,1km ⬆️ 6431m πŸ”΅ Intermediate

We now find ourselves in one of Italy's most beautiful coastal areas, the Amalfi Coast, full of dreamy villages and unspoilt nature. An itinerary of about 100 km from Pompei to Salerno. A beauty for the eyes as you cross roads overlooking the sea in a scenic route full of bends, passing through towns full of history and traditions.

#3 On the tracks of 'the boar'

πŸ“57,7m ⬆️ 1204m πŸ”΅ Intermediate

Passing through Umbria and Tuscany, this route, starting from the statue of Fabrizio Meoni in Castiglion Fiorentino, is inspired by the routes that "the wild boar" used to take to train every day before going on the African rally raids that saw him as one of the legendary protagonists.

#2 Through the magical roads of Morocco, Azrou, Fes to Chefchaouen

πŸ“ 281,6km ⬆️ 920m πŸ”΅ Intermediate

We are going to discover one of the most desirable territories for motorbike rallying. This route is almost all off-road except for a few paved areas, passing through small villages and forests. A route with a great variety of landscapes, architecture, historical sites and a distinctive culture, arriving as far as the famous blue city Chefchaouen.

#1 Eroica road with touring motorbike

πŸ“202km ⬆️ 2789m πŸ”΄ Challenging

One of the most fascinating itineraries in Italy, the Eroica is one of those routes that should be done at least once in a lifetime. It enters the most rustic and genuine Tuscany, the one that still lives in the hills of this fantastic region. The route allows you to enjoy the white circuit in every season, enjoying the thrill of the moto while discovering splendid medieval villages.