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7 awesome Routes of 2021

Here's the 7 most popular hiking routes on WHIP in 2021. Discover all the details and information, then navigate the route directly or download the GPX for later, it's really worth it!

At the end of the year it is customary to sum up the best moments spent hiking in nature. Thinking back to the many good moments and the various trails discovered by us on the WHIP team, but also by our users in 2021, we decided to propose our top 7. Here are the 7 most popular hiking trails of the year on WHIP LIVE.

#7 Jatbula Trail

πŸ“61,2km ⬆️ 470m πŸ”΅ Intermediate

The Jatbula Trail is a medium-difficult route, for fairly experienced hikers, located in the Northern Territory within Nitmiluk National Park. The trail follows an ancient route of the Jawoyn Aboriginal people. It is a breathtaking nature experience, during which you can see the picturesque Leliyn (Edith Falls), swim in natural springs, admire the ancient Aboriginal rock art and discover the flora and fauna of the region.

#6 The Stromboli climb

πŸ“8,1km ⬆️ 1173m πŸ”΄ Challenging

This route on the "queen of the islands" takes us, with the ascent of the volcano, to 950 meters of altitude. Access to the trails is subject to regulation by the Civil Protection, and may vary depending on the state of activity of the volcano, also from 2019 it is mandatory to be accompanied by a guide to reach the observation platform, located at 400 meters.

#5 GR20 - Stage 4

πŸ“ 15,6km ⬆️ 920m πŸ”΄ Challenging

The GR20, or Grande RandonnΓ©e 20, is known as one of the most difficult and rewarding hiking trails in Europe. The route runs through Corsica from North to South following the island's main mountain range for about 180 km. The fourth stage is considered the greenest and most colorful. Once you reach the 2,010m of Bocca Stagnu (2010m), you will enjoy a splendid view of the Monte Cinto group and the Cirque de la Solitude.

#4 To the Dover Cliffs from St. Margaret's Bay

πŸ“7,9m ⬆️ 145m 🟒 Easy

We are in Dover, in the south of England, ready to walk on the picturesque cliffs that have been the inspiration of poets, artists and musicians for centuries. There are several routes, but the best views, just like a postcard, are found along this route. An unforgettable experience, both for the breathtaking scenery and the surreal atmosphere.

#3 The hike of Dante

πŸ“34,5km ⬆️ 15m 🟒 Easy

Following in the footsteps of the author of the Divine Comedy, the path is a ring of 21 stages, 400 km long, that crosses Romagna and Tuscany. It can be walked from March to November. The 20th stage is one of the unmissable of the path because, crossing the embankment towards the left side of the Montone river up to Ravenna, you reach the tomb of the Supreme Poet. The other stages are not less important as they are rich in naturalistic treasures and historical-cultural cues.

#2 The three spikes of Lavaredo

πŸ“11,2km ⬆️ 381m 🟒 Easy

Wonderful route in South Tyrol. The 3 Peaks are the symbol of the Dolomites and were declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2009. It is one of the most beautiful and impressive hikes in the Dolomites and a point of attraction for countless hikers, climbers and nature lovers. Ideal for less trained hikers thanks to the low altitude difference and the well maintained trails.

#1 The Santa Barbara Trail

πŸ“10,5km ⬆️ 277m πŸ”΅ Intermediate

Third stage, 10.5 km long, of the Cammino di Santa Barbara, which develops along a ring of about 500 km in the region of Sulcis-Iglesiente-Guspinese. Defined as one of the most challenging stages because of the difference in height. The effort is well rewarded by the beauty of the surrounding landscape rich in nature, geological heritage and industrial archaeology.