WHIP is a partner in the
Ronda Ghibellina 2022

The collaboration with the organizers of the Ronda Ghibellina, scheduled for scheduled for 29 and 30 January 2022 in Castiglion Fiorentino, for the safety of participants in the scheduled races

WHIP is there for the start of the Trail Running 2022 season.

The event will be supported by the WHIP LIVE tracking system that will allow the organizers to monitor the location of participants live, supporting the safety of the unfolding.

The Ronda Ghibellina is the race held every year in the territory of Castiglion Fiorentino and its mountain ridges.

Participants are given a choice of multiple routes:

Ronda Minima - 12 Km / Height difference: +700m, on Sunday;

Ronda Assassina - 25 Km / Height difference: +1200m, on Sunday;

Ronda Ghibellina - 45 Km / Height difference: +2500m, on Sunday;

Ronda Ghibellina PLUS - 80 Km / Height difference: +4000m, on Sunday;

Vertical by Night - 15 Km / Vertical drop: 1050m Saturday night;

TheRonda Ghibellina

The Ronda Ghibellina, a classic route, winds for an impressive 45 kilometers and 2500 meters of elevation gain through the mountains surrounding the territory of Castiglion Fiorentino and offers privileged views of the entire valley and, until 2017, was the longest and most challenging version of the race.

The tracking service is free for participants and will allow them to record the performance and route taken simply by using WHIP's application.

Follow the public Live Tracking of the Ronda Ghibellina

This year it will be possible to follow the progress of the event live on the web with WHIP's public Live Tracking, which shows the location of participants along the route shown in 3D, with routes of various lengths.

Follow the Ronda Ghibellina and all participants in real time
If you are a participant you will receive email details to access.

Live Tracking Events

live tracking

Through the smartphone of each participant and staff member, the organization can monitor the rides, the track covered, the riding times and the speed along the route. To ensure an all-rounded safety, there's a live status update for every single participant and a global overview. Under request we also provide public Live Tracking overviews for the event to be followed live from a remote audience.

live tracking

The battery consumption when the Live Tracking is in use is very limited and the impact on battery consumption is about 5-8% more than the normal phone consumption without Live Tracking enabled. When combining it with Navigation or manual Tracking mode the consumption is obviously higher and so we suggest using a power bank for this.

live tracking

With WHIP LIVE you can navigate and download the official event tracks* or upload your own GPX files to follow the track and get turn-by-turn instructions at every intersection on roads and trails.

Not all the events release their tracks officially

live tracking

If you are unable to sign up by clicking on the "sign up for live tracking" button follow the steps below.

If you have an iOS device click here. If you have an Android device click here and download the app.

Register or login if you already have an account.

Click on the "Profile" tab at the bottom and select "settings" at the top right.

Click on "Join an event" and enter the event code (if you do not have the event code send us an email here hello@whip.live)

live tracking

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