The Live Tracking WHIP
at the Dolomiti Extreme Trail 2022

For the 2022 edition to be held on June 10, 11 and 12 in Forno di Zoldo (BL), the organizers of the Dolomiti Extreme Trail will use WHIP's tracking system to monitor participants in the race and allow the public to follow the race.

The live tracking service is free for participants, who will receive an email in the days before the start with access instructions.

Dolomiti Extreme Trail

The Dolomiti Extreme Trail is one of the most popular Trail Running races in Italy not only for the pristine beauty of the paessaggi, but also for the number of athletes from various nations it manages to mobilize: More than 1,200 participants and 46 nations are expected to start the 2022 edition. Base camp will be set up in Forno di Zoldo (BL) where competitors and the public will find the DXT Village ready to receive them as early as Thursday.

You can choose from multiple distances 103km, 77km, 55km, 22km, 11km, depending on your level of preparation.

The 'FINISHER' award will be given to all those in the 103k and 72k who arrive at least at the time gate at Staulanza Pass, regardless of the time taken; while in the 55k, 22k and 11k it will be given by completing the course.

Completion of DXT 103k within 29 hours is also worth 5 ITRA points.

How does the Live Tracking system work?

WHIP's Live Tracking system for events uses the phone's GPS to track participants in real time, both from the audience and organizers, on a 3D map.

To access, simply download the app and log in to the Dolomiti Extreme Trail event. Once registered and given tracking permissions the Live Tracking will automatically start each day before the start without the need for the competitor to activate the app.

To watch the event as a spectator, however, simply open it from here

WHIP's Live Tracking for Trail Running

Once again this year, the Dolomiti Extreme Trail will start with added security: WHIP's Live Tracking will be available free of charge to all participants.

Race Program

Friday 10

22:00 DEPARTURE DXT 103k 24:00 DEPARTURE DXT 72k

Saturday 11


Sunday 12

00:00 - 03:00 ARRIVAL 103k 08:30 DXT START 22k and 11k 09:00 MINI DXT START 09:45 FIRST ARRIVALS DXT 11k 10:15 FIRST ARRIVALS DXT 22k

Live Tracking Events

live tracking

Through the smartphone of each participant and staff member, the organization can monitor the rides, the track covered, the riding times and the speed along the route. To ensure an all-rounded safety, there's a live status update for every single participant and a global overview. Under request we also provide public Live Tracking overviews for the event to be followed live from a remote audience.

live tracking

The battery consumption when the Live Tracking is in use is very limited and the impact on battery consumption is about 5-8% more than the normal phone consumption without Live Tracking enabled. When combining it with Navigation or manual Tracking mode the consumption is obviously higher and so we suggest using a power bank for this.

live tracking

With WHIP LIVE you can navigate and download the official event tracks* or upload your own GPX files to follow the track and get turn-by-turn instructions at every intersection on roads and trails.

Not all the events release their tracks officially

live tracking

If you are unable to sign up by clicking on the "sign up for live tracking" button follow the steps below.

If you have an iOS device click here. If you have an Android device click here and download the app.

Register or login if you already have an account.

Click on the "Profile" tab at the bottom and select "settings" at the top right.

Click on "Join an event" and enter the event code (if you do not have the event code send us an email here

live tracking

Find out how to use our Live Tracking service at your event as well. Discover more